When Brian reflects on these past 15 years in the mortgage industry, his ability to counsel clients through complicated financial decisions has set him apart. His patience, knowledge, and dedication to each client’s specific needs have allowed him to secure loans for over 1,000+ borrowers. He specializes in helping first-time homebuyers and investors and has built a reputation for working through intricate lending scenarios.

Brian takes the necessary time upfront for due diligence, so his clients can successfully navigate the home-buying process. His detailed approach to the mortgage process educates and empowers his clients. In Colorado’s high-pressure real estate environment, clients always note that Brian helps take the stress out of the lending process. His ambitions are driven by realizing clients’ dreams of purchasing and owning homes.

A trusted source of information for realtors, investors, and clients, Brian constantly studies how mortgage rates move, economic markets trend, and how local real estate data can help his clients and partners. As a longtime real estate investor himself in the local market, he offers a unique perspective on how our market has changed over the past 20 years and what products work best for investors. He is well versed in high-end jumbo loans and multifamily purchases.

Brian’s partners and clients start off with a “Mortgage 101” call, where he explains, educates, and answers all questions regarding the mortgage process – from pre-approval to closing. He walks them through the fee structure, loan programs, and how rates really work. The extensive process often requires multiple scenarios, problem solving, credit rebuilding work, and complex loan products analysis. Transparency and a safe place to ask questions are key aspects of this call.

Brian excels at communicating this information clearly and quickly. Overcoming and communicating tough deals are his norm, as he cut his teeth during the downturn in 2008, when foreclosures were the norm.

A founder of the Boulder’s boutique branch, Brian combines his management skills with his true passion for working hands-on with clients. The branch has figured out how to streamline the funding process and close loans quickly, thereby providing superior customer service. He is supported by what he considers the best and most seasoned team in the area, where everyone works to ensure their clients are fully informed to make the very best financial decisions, from the first touch to the last. A Kansas City native and a KC Chiefs/Royals supporter, Brian graduated from Drake University in Business Management/Finance and played collegiate Division 1 soccer there. Attracted to Colorado for the outdoors, Boulder became his home in 2001. You can find him, his wife Rachel, and their two elementary-aged boys shredding down the ski hills, hiking and camping in the summer, and immersing themselves in the adventurous Colorado lifestyle that they love.

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