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“I appreciated the quick responses to my requests for pre-approval letters as well as the careful explanations of what to expect in terms of each step in securing the loan and executing the closing.”

Thomas T

“Dirk was very helpful and responsive during the whole lending process. He explained things very clearly and made things very easy for us as first time home buyers. We would definitely work with Dirk again in the future.”


“Dirk was communicative and receptive to all questions we had regarding the loan process as first time home buyers. He went above and beyond, along with Alissa, to make sure we felt comfortable every step of the way.”


“Communication was excellent throughout the home buying process. Drik explained different options we had and helped make sure we were on track the whole way. Thank you!”


“Dirk was amazing to work with! He was very helpful throughout the whole process and when I had any questions he was always there to respond and break things down easily for me. He was very respectful, nice, & efficient! With the help of Dirk, I was able to buy my first home and I have been very satisfied throughout this process. I would 10/10 recommend him to everyone!”


“Dirk and Tom were very helpful and attentive. Dirk answered all of our questions timely and with patience.”


“Dirk was so helpful!”


“Very detailed and responsive, and helped answer all questions right away.”

Kurt Donald

“Great communication and availability to answer questions at all times.”


“Dirk was very helpful and easy to work with. His communication was prompt and he worked hard getting us the right loan. Thank you so much! I highly recommend Dirk to others.”


When you work with me, you’ll find I have a carefully curated process to learn about your financial situation. After studying your specifics, I’ll craft and present initial scenarios and options, provide a fundamental and technical review of the interest rate market, and synthesize all of it into short- and long-term strategies specific to your goals. I earn my commission from the moment we begin talking, and well beyond your loan being funded. You’ll have clarity, appreciation, and mastery over your mortgage.

Entering my fourth decade working in finance, I’ve found Behavioral Finance, the field of study at the confluence of psychology and personal finance, has enhanced communication with clients. It examines the reasons why people consistently make financial decisions that align with common perceptions and beliefs despite being provably incorrect and counterproductive to their individual best interests. Human quirks, like bias and hubris, play a significant role in influencing why we do what we do, as do inexperience and duplicity. 

Using the principles of behavioral finance as a framework, I can communicate how to best shop for and acquire a mortgage. Its application facilitates homebuyers and homeowners to make rational decisions about integrating debt optimization strategies to achieve their best outcomes. Additionally, I provide my clients with the most refined and complete information, including multiple scenarios and paths forward.

If you’re still reading this, we’re likely a perfect fit. It takes time for my message to mature and be understood. My process is unique, and I take great pride in the quality of work that I provide. I consider myself the coach who doesn’t just tell you what to do – I break down the mechanics of the movement and strategy while my team moves into position to provide my clients with success.  

Above all else, I’m a resource for my clients. I earn their trust by caring what’s best for their financial health. If I believe it’s not advantageous for my client to refinance, or if another institution can provide a better loan program, I’ll tell them so. I’m not particularly eager to lose business, but it’s paramount for me to preserve trust and a healthy relationship with my clients. I look forward to researching and building the best mortgage strategy with and for you.

I’m a true Boulder native who loves living in the “bubble” with my wife and two college-aged kids. Don, my dad, played basketball at CU and later served as Director of Boulder County Open Space in the late 70s. My mom, Carol, can trace her Boulder County roots to 1875 when her great-grandparents from Ryssby, Sweden settled in Left Hand Valley. My passion for this town and Colorado runs deep. I’ve taken advantage of our beautiful surroundings by training for triathlons (completing four full-distance Ironmans) and enjoying mountain biking, tennis, golf, CU basketball, and a good microbrew.

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